Faculty Of Social Sciences and Humanities Undergraduate Programmes


Social Sciences is a branch of knowledge which advances our understanding of human, social, cultural and geopolitical complexities. Through social science, we will be better equipped to handle both present and future social issues and problems arising from the interactions of these complexities. Thus, social science is a highly relevant field of study, particularly at this time, as Malaysia is currently experiencing rapid socio-economic transformation in its pursuit to attain fully developed nation status by the year 2020.

The Faculty of Social Science and Humanities aims to be a centre of academic excellence so as to meet the challenges of the 21st century. The faculty's undergraduate progamme has been carefully designed to provide an integrated curriculum for moulding students not only into well-balanced and socially conscious individuals, but also in providing them with practical skills. Part of this goal is accomplished by linking the faculty with local communities, non - govermental organisations (NGOs) and public and private sector through our industrial placement programme at the undergraduate level. In addition, our long-term goal is to make the faculty known for its research excellence in Borneo.

Faculty research has been streamlined and incorporated into the curriculum in order to support staff teaching and students' learning activities.

Multi-Disciplinary Approach

The academic programmes of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities are multi-disciplinary in approach so as to import knowledge related to various perspectives within social sciences. An integrated approach is necessary to provide students with a conceptual framework for development planning and the management of dynamic change and growth, particularly in the context of Malaysia's rapid industrialisation.

Every academic programme is also applied in nature. Graduates of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities are thus exposed to both theoretical and practical skills so as to enable them to be more competitive when entering the job market.

Programme Objectives

The program educational objectives are fully compatible with the mission of Universiti Malaysia Sarawak. Program objectives are monitored by the program's Panel Advisory Board and employers, stakeholder, alumni, and students of the program. Within 5 years of graduation, graduates of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities are expected to contribute to the profession and to the society as a whole by achieving a combination of the following milestones:

  • Able to participate and take a leadership role on various aspects of real life environment and practice their profession ethically, with integrity and objectivity.
  • Able to work individually as well as team based environment.
  • Continually to improve their level of knowledge, skills and competency through professional life long learning and postgraduate education.