Status Pengisian Borang Penilaian Kursus secara Online (via Sistem E-Pelajar)

We would like to alert you about the current status of the completion of the Borang Penilaian Kursus secara Online for all faculties.  Right now, there is still a handful of students at your respective faculties who have not completed this task.  The exams begin on Monday, and we worry that there will be a deluge of last minute requests on Monday, especially at your faculty general offices, by students who have not completed this task.

Could you help to remind those who have not done this task yet?  Do you mind to assist, and to ask them to come to your faculty labs and complete the task, before Monday morning?

Here's the most current update from CICTS:
Statistik terkini setakat 2.20 ptg, hari ini adalah seperti berikut:


Thank you in advance for your kind time and support.  Hopefully we will be able to achieve the 100% target for all faculties by Monday morning.

Have a good weekend ahead,

Fitri Suraya Mohamad, PhD
Deputy Dean (Academic Development & Curriculum Management, Centre for Applied Learning & Multimedia -CALM)
Research Fellow (Centre of Excellence in Rural Informatics - COERI)
Senior Lecturer (Faculty of Cognitive Sciences & Human Development -FCSHD)

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