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People who generously share their skills, knowledge and expertise make a real difference to our students, staff and researchers. There are lots of great volunteering opportunities coming up at the University during Lecture Weeks. You can also participate in giving Motivational Talk or Knowledge Sharing to current students.

To honour our Alumni contributors and to show our gratitude to them, we organize a special Gala Dinner annually. And of course, our Alumni President would lead the way to their glamorous night.

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We welcome all students from the previous batches to join and register themselves as UNIMAS Alumni.

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Since 1994, UNIMAS has a total of 10,000 alumni from all over the world. The task to gather all of our Alumni records are quite challenging. Help us to gather your classmates. UNIMAS want you to take advantage of alumni benefits, attend events and building network with other alumni, and also keep in touch with the university.

If you want to know more, please visit the UNIMAS Alumni Page and don't forget to register as an Alumni. Join us to strengthen our network worldwide.